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Role of data analytics in the telecom industry

Since its inception, the telecom industry has witnessed tremendous growth. It plays an important role in making our lives easier. With advanced communication methods and[…]

Reimagining the internet for the future

The 2020 pandemic made the whole world realize the importance of the Internet. Office meetings were replaced by video conferencing, schools were shifted towards online[…]

5G Upgradation

2020 was the year of New Normal experienced by the business by adopting Working From Home culture because of Lockdown in the country. Because of[…]

Automation in Telecom

Telecommunication is one of the ever growing industries with rapid changes. With various evolutionary forces such as cloud, AI, IoT, 5G and others representing opportunities[…]


Customer Experience (CX) is an important part of your telecommunication landscape. The formula is simple - Customers are the key driver of any business, the[…]

5 Proven Strategies

One fine day, we received an email from one of our customers that mentioned: “Thank you Height8 for your constant support”. That instantly brought a[…]

telecom trends 2021

Necessity is said to be the mother of inventions and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 forced the telecom industry to adopt innovations. It forced the[…]

Featured image OSS/BSS

The pandemic situation of 2020 has shown us the need for digital transformation. It has shown us that telco’s digital transformation is necessary to serve[…]