IPTV/Triple Play

While IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) uses computer-networks and delivers television-content over Internet Protocol network, without any need for cables, Triple Play is a service to have the supply of voice, data and video applications all at once over a single broadband connection. Triple Play Solution is need of the hour for any ISP to sustain and gain new markets.

IPTV and OTT provide additional value to CSPs’ services for their customers, attract clients for them from other networks and enable for them selling of additional services and advertising. With the popularity of Next Generation Network (NGN), the delivery of Triple-Play & OTT Services via IP-based network is one of the most suitable and cost-effective choices for service-providers and operators.

Challenges in the industry

Lack of a single
converged provisioning
and billing platform
Intricacies in
developing customized
Problems in
Shortage of
customized offerings
Inability to
seamlessly extend
customer lifecycle
in operations


We bring in simplification in operations.

We help CSPs to provide IPTV/OTT/Triple Play services in a simple, centralized and customizable way in managing subscribers, content, billing, products, applications and devices from one unified H8 platform.

We help them deploy Cloud-based or on-premises system quickly and launch fast.

They can view, analyse and gain insights from data, all in one space.

We help service-providers realize and enhance revenue via Subscriptions (SVOD), Rentals (TVOD), Pay Per View (PPV) or Ad-supported (AVOD) methods.

We can integrate Triple Play and Quad Play services with pricing and include other services as well.

Auto-provisioning, easy onboarding, customer self-care portal, self-management of additional packages and online payment solutions, provided by us, help service-providers deliver a top-notch customer-experience.

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