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Height8 Technologies (H8) is a technology company, headquartered in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a western Indian state. Founded in 2010, H8 develops diverse products and resilient solutions that enable global Telcos, ISPs and CSPs to evolve. We bring in more than a decade of IT-experience to create, integrate and support modern business-critical solutions for them to fast-track revenue-growth, enlarge market-share and ensure their business-success.

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As a leading technology-provider, H8 is committed to delivering the highly customizable IP-based solutions for a diverse array of service-providers, meeting their operational requirements with responsiveness and reliability of digital-based support. Based on the range of our offerings, we transform service-operations of our clients, augmenting their business-efficiency, streamlining systems, reducing costs, improving customer-experience, creating services rapidly, speeding up time-to-market and accelerating monetization.


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