10 August 2023

WiFi Hotspot Management Software

We are living in a digital world where people rely on digital technology in every sphere of their daily lives. WiFi connectivity has now become the most important facility for people whether you are in the hospitality business, run a restaurant or retail store, or are an educational institute, WiFi connectivity has become a necessity. WiFi Hotspot Management Software helps businesses and organizations in controlling and managing their WiFi networks effectively. It comes with tools and features to monitor, secure, customize and monetize WiFi access for guests, customers, or employees. H8 WiFi Management Solution allows businesses to deploy, configure, manage as well as monetize Wi-Fi services seamlessly. Let's dig in!

Key Features of H8 WiFi Hotspot Management Software

User Authentication and Access Control

To ensure that only the authorized users can access the WiFi network, this feature allows you to set up different authentication methods such as passwords, social media logins, vouchers or advertisements.

Effective Bandwidth Management

H8 WiFi Management Software provides bandwidth management with real-time user monitoring and daily quotas to ensure fair bandwidth allocation.

User Tracking and Analytics

H8 WiFi Hotspot Software provides insights into user behavior, foot traffic, and usage patterns. This data can be used for marketing purposes, understanding user preferences, and optimizing network performance.

Captive Portal Customization

The captive portal aka landing page is the page that users see when they attempt to connect to the WiFi network. With H8, you can customize a captive portal with your branding, terms of use, advertisements, or promotional content.

Customizable Login Workflow

You can have vouchers based login via OTP or allow your customers to fill in their mobile number to get the credentials via SMS or have the combination of both.

Advertise on Captive Portal

Display advertising, cross sell and up sell your products, inform guests about the offers and discounts and much more with H8 WiFi management software.

Time-Based Access

Time-based access allows you to control how long users can stay connected to the network, which is particularly useful for providing WiFi access in public spaces like cafes or airports.

Voucher Management

Voucher Management feature of H8 generates and manages unique codes that users can use to access the WiFi network. Vouchers can be given out to customers or guests and can have specific time limits or usage quotas.

Multi-Location Management

This feature ensures centralized management of WiFi networks across all sites for businesses with multiple locations.

Reports & Dashboard

H8 WiFi Management Software enables Service Providers with actionable reports to track the business growth, improve service as well as boost revenue. H8 provides WiFi Management Solution to help you set up various types of WiFi Zones at airports, hotels, cafes, universities, enterprises and many more places with attractive captive portals. H8 WiFi Management Solution empowers businesses to provide hotspots across distributed locations managed from a single dashboard. As well as you can manage and monitor access points and users across multiple locations from a centralized dashboard.


When choosing WiFi management software, consider factors like scalability, ease of use, compatibility with easy to use hardware, security features, and the level of support provided by the vendor. Want to know more about H8 WiFi hotspot management Software? Contact us right now by writing us a mail at h8ssrms@height8tech.com or call/WhatsApp us at +91-6358931775. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to get updates on the latest technological advancements in the telecom sector.
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