14 December 2023

Wi-Fi Monetization: Different Dimensions Are Opening Up

As we are in the midst of exploring connectivity at various levels, Wi-Fi is settled as an indispensable part of our daily lives. A regular eye on our emails and WhatsApp messages is an overlooked habit now. From airports, hotels, cafes, universities and shopping malls to offices, we yearn for seamless internet connectivity wherever we go. Public Wi-Fi has emerged as an effective medium to have a better-connected society. As Wi-Fi utility has grown by the day, Wi-Fi monetization has turned into a strong potential source of revenue for service-providers. Wi-Fi monetization signifies revenue-generation from a Wi-Fi network. In fact, Wi-Fi monetization involves smart plans and strategies. Operators jostle to create an inclusive platform with multiple avenues to monetize their Wi-Fi set-ups and network-offerings. Wi-Fi Monetization Platforms carry varied features to enable fast and reliable internet-services and ensure revenue-maximization. Accessibility of Guest Wi-Fi services to different industries and availability of B-2-B/B-2-B-2-C Wi-Fi services through multi-tenancy captive portal and analytics is a customizable solution that enables operators operate, manage and monetize Wi-Fi services for both, retail and enterprise business. Free primary Wi-Fi access is a smart strategy wherein the operators offer the data-hungry users the option to upgrade to a premium, ad-free, high-speed data-experience for a fee. In a different scenario, free Wi-Fi for a restaurant or a shopping mall to increase the footfall of customers or tiered access packages on Wi-Fi networks at events, conferences and expos can be monetized by operators. Looking at the prospects of creating high visibility and business, advertisers pay to the operators to display their content to a captive audience. Besides, there are other innovative ways for the service-providers to monetize Wi-Fi services by offering Users’ Analytics, Redeemable Vouchers and Location-based Offers to those advertisers. H8 presents a fully integrated platform that provides CSPs, smart cities, cable operators, airports, hotels and other public Wi-Fi hotspots with multiple avenues to monetize their Wi-Fi setups and engage with their customers. With our carrier-grade Wi-Fi future-ready platform, comprising authentication, billing, captive portal, location-specific services, subscriber-analytics, Mobile App and Integration with Mobile Core, service-providers can deliver Wi-Fi connectivity to end-users and connected devices under various business-models, execute advertising strategies and provide Wi-Fi access blanket deals. Having Cloud-based architecture for centralized network management, we offer a customizable and highly scalable Wi-Fi experience, so that service-providers can gain new revenue-sources and leads, make strategic partnerships and quickly adapt to changing market-needs. Village Wi-Fi, a Govt. of Gujarat’s Rural Wi-Fi Project, is a classic example wherein H8 has implemented its Wi-Fi solution, ensuring a secure Wi-Fi internet-experience for the users and maximized monetization possibilities for the state-owned service-provider. The project is also a true demonstration of utilization and monetization of BharatNet’s OFC-network assets at public places in the state’s villages. Want to know more about H8 Wi-Fi Solution? Contact us right now by writing us a mail at h8ssrms@height8tech.com or call/WhatsApp us at +91-6358931775. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to get updates on the latest technological advancements in the telecom sector.
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