09 February 2022

Paradigm Shift: Internet services to Bundles of Services

Are you an ISP? Are you feeling that your growth has become stagnant? If yes, then this blog has a solution for you. Gone are the days when ISPs provided services related to the internet. Now-a-days to remain in the competition, you have to shift from internet services to bundled services. These include IPTV, OTT, Digital TV, VOIP and other VAS.

Bundled Services increase the customer life-cycle. Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing customer base are the two key elements for the growth of a business. Most research studies suggest that maintaining the current customer base is a much better technique of increasing revenue of a business effectively than acquiring new ones. Bundling of services is just one of the ways by which you can retain your customers, especially in the case of Telecom operators. Apart from this, Bundled Services can guarantee business continuity.

The reason behind customers' attraction towards bundled services is the right price and quality. But, the question is how bundled services help in business continuity? What are its benefits? This H8 blog is all about Bundled Services.

So, lets get started!

What Are Bundled Services?

Bundled services is a way of sales or marketing technique where service providers tend to exhibit apparent value to their customer base by offering a variety of services at a discounted price if purchased together. That means customers have to pay a specific amount of money if they purchase a single product.

However, if customers opt to buy a package of products containing a variety, then it becomes considerably cheaper for them. Such kinds of techniques have been used widely by the majority of service providers throughout the world in order to increase their sales.

In short, Bundled services are the services provided along with the main service. For example, Internet Service Providers can provide bundled services like OTT, IPTV, Digital TV, VoIP, VAS, etc. along with their broadband/internet services.

Why Bundling Business Internet Services Are Important for Ensuring Business Continuity?

With modern businesses becoming progressively reliant on the Internet, ensuring business continuity is becoming a major operational priority. Just as businesses understand the importance of manning the phone during business hours, assuring internal systems remain connected and operational is essential to a companys success.

Benefits Of Bundled Services

Benefits Of Bundled Services

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Bundled Services enhances customer loyalty as customers are less likely to switch their services providers as they don't want the trouble of unbundling services. This will help to stay competitive in the market as customers feel more connected with your organization.

Seamless Customer Experience

Bundled services allow consumers to manage multiple services with a single billing statement and a single payment so they enjoy the convenience. Also, if consumers want to upgrade bundled options, need technical support, or are planning to relocate, all it takes is one phone call to one provider to have all the issues resolved.

Save Providers Time and Money

Bundled services save the time and money of service providers. As bundled billing reduces the number of bills sent each billing cycle, which means less paperwork for service providers as well as for customers.

Penetrate New Markets

Bundled services help you penetrate a new market with more competitive price points as partnering with a company, who has a bigger footprint in a particular market, allows you to leverage that partners existing customer base.

For example, when you provide OTT along with your plans, you can leverage your OTT partners existing customer base.

Existing Customer Base and Infrastructure

With the internet bundling services, ISPs can take advantage of the existing customer base and pitch them for new services. Along with this, with the existing infrastructure ISPs can enable new services with some nominal changes.

Summing Up

To leverage new revenue streams and to remain competitive in this competitive world, ISPs have to offer bundled services. But only offering bundled services is not enough, ISPs must have trusted ISP solutions to manage their varied offerings and operations related to it.

With H8 ISP Solution, you can integrate with various OTT platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, Voot, Alt Balaji, Netflix, and even aggregators of these OTTs so you dont have to deal with them individually. You can even bundle with other services like VoIP, IPTV and VAS.

H8 Bandwidth Manager is the all-in-featured solution that fulfils the demands of ISPs. It is globally chosen and trusted by Telecommunications Service Providers, Internet Service Provides (ISPs) and others, including the biggest telcos serving million subscribers in a day.

Want to know more about H8 ISP Solution? Contact us for the free Demo at h8ssrms@height8tech.com.

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