In a constantly changing world and an ever-increasing focus on content and applications, maintaining the customer relationship across a range of various service channels is more important than ever. It is of utmost importance that customers receive a fast, efficient as well as consistent service.

H8 ISP CRM Software is a comprehensive omni-channel CRM solution that integrates all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle for ISPs/CSPs/Telcos. It provides a fully integrated suite of functions to allow sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle efficiently from initial contact, to sales, post sales, and financial and marketing management. By enabling high quality, consistent service, it helps in improving the customer experience.

You must be wondering what to look at when selecting the ISP CRM Software. This blog helps you with this. In this blog, we’ve highlighted the 5 best and must-have features in your ISP CRM Software.

Let’s proceed!

5 Must-have Features of ISP CRM Software

Third-party Integration

Linking the CRM software with other solutions can save ample time, money and efforts that you can use for performing business crucial tasks and expansion.

ISP CRM Software that can integrate with third-party apps and even Multi-Vendor network elements can accelerate innovation too. This can ensure end-to-end management of the services by maintaining control over them and providing a holistic customer experience.

Workflow Management

For the large ISP Business, a CRM Software must incorporate workflow management to ensure the smooth process of billing and reduce customer complaints. A proper workflow management improves key business processes including order management, sales, provisioning, collections and dunning, linking together both automatic actions and manual procedures to ensure that nothing is forgotten.


eKYC is now the compulsory process for ISPs. Having an ISP CRM Software with eKYC feature saves time for the ISPs and makes the KYC process much easier.

According to the TRAI, all the telecom service providers have to use Aadhaar-based eKYC (e-Know your customer) verification for subscribers of fixed line, Internet and broadband connections, as in the case of mobile connections.

H8 ISP CRM Software comes with Aadhar Based eKYC feature which makes the authentication process fast, secure and reliable. Click here for the demo.

eCAF Generation

eCAF means electronic customer acquisition form. eCAF contains the information of the customers. According to the DoT, it is necessary that all the service providers must maintain the digitally scanned copies of all active customers which makes eCAF a must have feature of ISP CRM Software.

H8 ISP CRM Software allows you to easily generate eCAF as well as allow your customers to upload their documents. Apart from this, you can even create different eCAF for your different franchisees and with your personal branding.


All the large-sized businesses who have large setups and multiple departments and employees should have their own customized CRM software. When you are investing in a CRM Software, you should opt for the one that provides customization and caters to your large business needs.

Being flexible to a new requirement and having a precise approach to implement the same for easier business operations is a must in the service industry.

In Conclusion

Apart from the above mentioned features, you must also look for good customer support as it is very important for your ISP Business.

H8 ISP CRM Software comes with all above mentioned features. Our CRM software support various third party integrations including NAS, BRAS, BNG, or vBNG like Mikrotik, Cisco, Paloalto, Huawei, Aruba, Juniper, Ruckus, Net Elastic, TheRouter, etc. as well as various email integration, and SMS integration, OTT, Whatsapp integrations, Payment gateways, IVR, etc.

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