19 January 2022

How Automation Help ISPs To Maximize Growth And Revenue

Become A One-Stop Technology Service Provider by taking the advantage of Business Automation with H8 ISP Solution.

Automation will help you cater to the changing demands of your customers and grow your ISP Business. This will enable you to expand your product line to become a one-stop technology service provider for all your customers, thus helping you get one step ahead of the industry by automating the business and billing process.

H8 ISP Solution will help you to grow and fulfil your business requirements as per the market demands by allowing you to automate various business processes like a billing process, inquiry process, customer renewals, customer complaints, and much more.

We are here to help you achieve success while retaining focus on your core business.

Lets proceed!

Automated Billing Process For ISPs

To run a successful ISP business, Billing is one of the most important factors and is extremely difficult to get right when done manually. Moreover, a single data entry error made when creating an invoice can cost you a lot. An automated billing process is an important part of building a scalable business.

H8 ISP Solution eliminates manual billing process and errors as well as fast-track the sales-to-collections cycle. You can even choose your branded template for Invoices and it will be generated in HTML and PDF formats.

H8 ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software helps you to automate your entire billing process, including invoicing, vouchers, payment tracking, billing updates, renewals, and more, with flexible billing options.

Automated Inquiry Process

Inquiry management can make or break a communication effort. Sometimes it even feels daunting. Our H8 ISP Solution will automate your inquiry process. It will build customer contact information, align and allocate inquiries, maintain uniformity of customer information, show inquiry status.

In short, our solution will FastTrack your inquiry processes along with ensure hassle-free monitoring from the inquiry to the customer.

Automated Customer Complaints

To gather all the customer complaints in a single dashboard, a Customer complaint management system is necessary. It will help your support team to easily assign, categorize, and resolve these complaints and ensure customers can have a seamless support experience.

H8 ISP Solution will automate your customer complaint process. Our solution allows you to receive, track, manage, and resolve complaint tickets while enabling customer communication via multiple touchpoints.

Serve your customers better with all-in-one featured H8 ISP CRM Software. Click here to know how to choose the right ISP management software company.

Benefits of Choosing H8 ISP Software

Results Of Automation

The results of automation are immediate:

Reduced Revenue Leakage

  • 100% Improvement in collections from the very first day
  • Automatically, Invoices are calculated and sent out. It ensures that every client is billed for their services

Increased Business Visibility and Time Savings

  • Real-time data visibility and easy to access software
  • It just takes 2 minutes each now to process order and administration tasks which used to take 20 minutes
  • It just takes 2 to 3 clicks now to Log in and views a clients details which used to take 3-4 minutes before
  • Real-time, reliable reports are all generated automatically through the system (For example: Sales reports, churn reports, and payment and collection reports)

Stay Updated As Per Market Demands

  • Update your solution as soon as any new demands or feature comes into the market
  • No need to wait for months, it will be done in a few days

Full support from Height8

  • From the first day of implementation, Height8 will provide you with full support. We can bet on our support as we provide the best support in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Automation is the key to maximize growth and revenue.

Want to maximize growth and revenue? Or want to know how H8 ISP Solution will help you? Mail us right now for the demo of the H8 ISP Solution at h8ssrms@height8tech.com.

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