04 July 2024

Height8’s WiFi Management Software

WiFi Management Software has become a necessity now-a-days. For ISPs, it helps them to manage their business seamlessly. It automates the operations of the ISPs. Height8 WiFi Management Software enables operators to quickly build a carrier class wifi network and monetize the wifi effectively. It has end-to-end capabilities that let ISPs launch and monetize new wifi services quickly. H8 WiFi Management Software provides a variety of features that can help ISPs to improve the performance of a wireless network, including signal strength testing, channel analysis, provision, troubleshooting, configure, monitor & maintain wifi networks. You must be wondering why to choose only Height8’s WiFi Management Software? What are the features & offerings of Height8’s WiFi Management Software? This blog has the answers to your questions. So, be with us to know your answers. Let’s dig in!

H8 WiFi Management Software

As connectivity grows exponentially, wifi will only continue to become more prominent. Wifi management is a service providing mobile subscribers a better user experience including easy access to the Wifi network with a better quality of service along with enabling the service provider to scale and manage a network of Wi-Fi access points with no specific limit. The up-gradation to Height8 Wifi Management Solution will enable scalability, easier network management, carrier-grade security, wide area mobility, improved quality of experience, and much more. Height8 provides the best Wifi Solutions to help you set up various types of Wifi Zones at airports, hotels, cafes, universities, enterprises, and many more places with attractive captive portals. Wifi management

Features & Offerings

Fully Customizable

With the help of H8 WiFi Management Software, you can easily create personalized portal pages to match your branding, geo-specific customization and much more. You can even create unlimited customized offers to target your costumes. Through gated access, the H8 WiFi Software enables you to collect user data and create personalized offers for captive portal users.

Easy to Use

H8 WiFi Management Software has a robust and modern interface that is very easy to use. ISPs can use it very easily without any need of understanding the technical aspect of solution implementation. Support Multiple WiFi Monetization Models H8 WiFi solution helps transform high-performance WiFi networks into a strategic revenue stream along with improving ROI, and integration with existing networks. It supports multiple WiFi monetization business models:


ISPs can integrate any NAS and BRAS technology tools from various vendors easily with H8 WiFi Management Software. It provides a flexible underlying access control infrastructure that gives enterprise level performance and scalability.
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting

Customer Management

The H8 CRM module is a bundle of features which helps ISPs organize their customer information in an efficient way and access it across departments and resellers in a secure way. H8 WiFi Management Solution provides a 360-Degree view of a customer activity and complete lifecycle of a subscriber.
  • Customer Details & KYC
  • 360-degree Dashboard View of Customers
  • Leads Management & Tracking
  • Packages & Plan Management
  • LIVE Customers Monitoring
  • User Lifecycle Management

Billing & Invoice Management

H8 WiFi Solution supports many advanced billing features.
  • Plan & Packages based on geography & franchise
  • Dynamic Rate Management
  • Customizable Invoice Template
  • Tax Calculations
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Voucher Management
  • Payment reports
  • Statistic reports
  • Online purchase via mobile app
  • Notification related to purchase and payment
  • Advance features for plan renewals

Franchisee Management

Our Franchisee Management allows ISPs to give a separate interface to their franchisees to run their business operations with ease, at the same time providing operator full control to monitor.
  • All Franchisee Listing & 360-degree Dashboard Monitoring
  • Franchisee Deposits
  • Plans & Package Allocation
  • Franchisee User Management

Network Monitoring

  • Network Management
  • Manage your NAS from the application
  • Seamless provisioning
  • Support multi-vendor integrations

Reports & Dashboards

H8 Wifi Solution provides Reports and Dashboards for ISPs that can be generated anytime and anywhere on the basis of user’s rights.
  • Complete view of business reporting
  • Identify Leakages
  • Huge amount of data analysis in a single frame
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Overall Revenue Analytics
  • Outstanding Payment Collection
  • Geography Based Usage Analytics

Wrapping Up

If you would like to know more about H8 WiFi Management Software or have any questions, reach out to us for the Demo by writing a mail at h8ssrms@height8tech.com or call/WhatsApp us at +91-6358931775. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to get updates on the latest technological advancements in the telecom sector.
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