08 February 2024

Want to Stand Out in the Telco crowd? Use H8 CRM

Telecom industry is one such industry in which competition is at its peak. ISPs/CSPs/Telcos around the world have to stand out from their competitors to grow their business and increase revenue. But the question is how to stand out? What ISPs/CSPs/Telcos need to grow their business and subscribers? The one word answer is CRM. With the help of a CRM solution, you can improve your customer experience by prioritizing them. In short, CRM solution makes the overall process of customer service management hassle free.

There are too many CRM solutions available in the market. But, the problem is are these CRM solutions worth it? No, most of these solutions are over-promising, complex and expensive. This is where H8 CRM plays a key role.

H8 CRM is a simple, easy to use solution that helps you manage your subscribers lifecycle from on-boarding to billing. Want to know more about H8 CRM? Be with us as this blog is all about H8 CRM, its features and benefits.

Let’s dig in!


In order to stand out in the telco crowd, service providers have to adapt to the changing market quickly. Nowadays customers are too demanding, if they don't find the latest feature in your solution, they will shift to your competitor. For this, you need a CRM solution that relates to the changing market quickly and easily. H8 CRM solution built keeping in mind the requirements of service providers and can relate to the changing market needs easily and seamlessly. H8 CRM provides end-to-end process-experience with a single, unified platform. Our modular platform offers an omni-channel CRM, Billing, Online Charging and Payment Engine that powers many of the global brands in the telecom-space. In the times of convergent services and centrality of content and applications, we bring in a system that has a user-friendly GUI with advanced tools for comprehensive support of daily customer-centric operations. Managing the customer-relationship across a range of service-channels is our forte.

Modules Of H8 CRM

Lead Management: H8 CRM empowers you to manage as well as track potential customers (leads) through the sales pipeline until they become customers. WorkFlow Management: Manage your staff’s time, skills, and availability efficiently in order to meet customer demands and organizational objectives. Optimize and streamline the allocation and utilization of a company's workforce. Sales Automation: Repetitive tasks related to sales, such as setting reminders, managing appointments, sending follow-up mails, and others can automate. Customer Service and Support: To ensure effective and timely resolution, manage customer inquiries, complaints, and support tickets easily with H8 CRM. Easy Third Party Integrations: Easily connect with other business systems, such as email, sms, accounting, payment gateways and communication tools, to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. Mobile Access: Enabling access to CRM functionalities on mobile devices (Android & iOS) to perform all your business tasks with the convenience at your fingertips. Customization: Service providers can tailor the CRM system to meet the specific needs, including custom fields, workflows, and reporting.

Benefits Of H8 CRM

Personalize Customer Experience: H8 CRM systems enable telcos to gather and analyze customer data, allowing them to personalize interactions and services based on individual preferences and behaviors. Quick Issue Resolution: H8 CRM has a centralized database of customer information, service providers can address customer queries and issues more efficiently, leading to quick issue resolution and improved satisfaction. Churn Reduction: Our 360-degree customer view CRM Solution allows service providers to understand customer needs and behavior, telcos can implement targeted retention strategies to reduce churn rates. Data-driven Decision Making: A powerful analytics that empower service providers to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and overall market trends. Help in forecasting demand, plan resources, and make informed business decisions. Adaptability: H8 CRM solution can be customized to suit the evolving needs of ISPs/CSPS/Telcos, providing scalability as the business grows.

In Conclusion

Want to have a custom CRM solution that suits the requirements of your business? Look no further! H8 CRM Solution is here to help you.

H8 CRM is a user-friendly system dedicated to helping ISP/CSP/Telcos build unique and personalized customer relations. It helps you in providing superior services, respond promptly to inquiries, and expand their user base, increase revenue, and stand out from other competitors.

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