Carrier Wi-Fi


A Carrier Wi-Fi has varied meanings. But in general we can understand Carrier Wi-Fi as a service for providing mobile subscribers a better user experience including easy access to the Wi-Fi network and better quality of service along with enabling the service provider to scale and manage a network of Wi-Fi access points with no specific limit.

The upgradation to H8 Carrier WiFi Solution will enable scalability, easier network management, carrier-grade security, wide area mobility, improved quality of experience and service 3GPP & 4G LTE Support, IPv6 Support and much more.

Wi-Fi Offload

Increasing need for offloading solutions is caused by the exponential increase of Internet data traffic, especially the growing portion of traffic going through mobile networks.

With analysts’ claims that half of the mobile data traffic will be offloaded in future, there is a tremendous business opportunity for existing service providers to come up with innovative solutions. The solution to WiFi offload is not straightforward. Any new technology requires the introduction of new network components, new functionality and integration with existing systems for a seamless experience. WiFi offload brings with it a new set of challenges such as how to automatically and seamlessly connect WiFi and cellular domains, how to integrate a WiFi network with operator’s policy and charging systems, and so on.

Height8 has vast experience in delivering proven carrier-class Wi-Fi service management and policy control solutions to its clients globally and has a first-hand experience to overcome many such challenges. By offloading users from the 3G/4G network to Wi-Fi networks, mobile operators can add more capacity in an affordable and flexible way.

As stated by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the new IEEE 802.11u standard & SIM-based EAP-SIM/AKA authentication has become the foundation of the next generation hotspot – Hotspot 2.0.

The Wi-Fi network must support the 802.1x in order to deliver SIM based authentication i.e EAP/SIM-AKA authentication. This SIM-based authentication also adds another layer of security (requiring support for 802.1x), making the Wi-Fi network as secure as the 3G/4G network.

Explore Wi-Fi Offloading With Height8 Solution and see how you can control the user experience and monetize Wi-Fi investments.