Authentication Authorization Accounting

Centralized Server Management Console (Web UI)

  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Configuration Management
  • Live System and Session Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Activity Auditing
  • CLI for each node

Centralized Session Manager

  • Search/View Active Session
  • Send CoA Disconnect for sessions
  • Usage Tracking and Disconnect Policy, Through Acct-Interim and CoA Disconnect (Useful for Network Elements that does not support Volume session control)

Different Authentication Protocols

  • PAP
  • CHAP
  • EAP
    • MD5
    • TLS
    • TTLS
    • SIM

Multiple Authentication and Accounting Data Source

  • Failover across different Data Source
  • Load balancing across different Data Source
  • Supported Data Source Types
    • LDAP
    • File
    • RDBMS
    • Web Service
    • RADIUS Proxy

Request Processing Guide

  • Policy based guide on how to process Authentication and Accounting requests.
  • Can define different request processing guides based on any RADIUS attribute.
  • Same instance of server can be used to cater service to different service requests.

Vendor Specific Attributes Support

Authorization based on different polices configured against Time, RADIUS Attributes and Session Count

Custom Plug-In Support

  • Java based plug-in for pre and post processing of request with access to request context for any kind of customization.
  • Groovy based plug-in support

Robust and Scalable

  • Portable (Implemented in pure Java platform)
  • Supports 1000 plus transaction per second on standard hardware

Configuration Templates for

  • DSL
  • Wifi
  • MDO
  • CDMA