About Height8

Height8 is a contemporary organization tuned to the needs of the current world and committed to be your technology partner aiding smooth systems and efficient functioning. We are a technology enabler providing well-researched solutions to business through a thorough understanding of the business needs and environment. Drawn from the experiences and learnings of the market leaders and rooted in the best practices of the industry, we offer forward looking, user-friendly, highly competitive products and services tailored to the needs and requirements of small and medium scale industries operating in varying sectors across the globe.

We call ourselves truly global because we have understood and responded to the business needs of organizations not only in India but internationally as well. Our client is varied because it ranges from organizations in developed and technologically sound nations like the United States to oriental countries like Iran, UAE, and Philippines etc. The versatility of experience gathered from nations outside India has helped garner confidence in understanding the domestic market where we have showcased our products and services to organizations and received an encouraging response.

What makes Height8 unique and truly different from all the other technology providers is the commitment and rigor invested in pre-technology adoption phase to ensure a thorough well researched solution which brings to the clients a 100% customized organization based, result-oriented technology.

We are echoing and supporting the call of the Government of India (GoI), who has decided to accelerate the pace of technology adoption and disseminate technology among India’s MSMEs specifically - dramatically during the implementation phase of the 12th Five Year Plan.