WiFi Solution

  Wi-Fi adapters becoming common in even mobile devices like cellular phones and iPods, customers are more interested in receiving Wi-Fi hotspot services in hotels, guest house, conference centers, airports, hospital and nearly all types of hubs. They want instant, clear and easily accessible, trusted and high speed Wi-Fi services!

What We Offer

  Our Wi-Fi solution is driven by this specific objective to enable these centers a Wi-Fi solution provider and add to their usability and services. This solution creates a win-win situation for the service providers and the customers both. Whenever any mobile subscriber enters this Wi-Fi fence, it gets a seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Product Features

This Wi-Fi technology is equipped with several user-based captivating features and modules which include:

Captive Portal:

  Web Based Authentication Portal is the major user interface for the Subscriber self-service sign up. It displays complete detail of the balance of the package chosen and allows the subscriber to recharge their account or access any other details.

Wifi Solution in Airport - Radius Server

Radius Server

Radius base Authentication, Authorization and Accounting networking protocol, with an ability to manage multiple sessions in real time and offer policy based AAA service.

Pre-paid Billing

It provides time and volume based rating, instance and policy base charing, and it also manages the subscriber’s package and account. It also manages the multi service balance.

Wifi Solution - Pre-paid Billing
Wifi Solution - Basic Post-paid

Basic Post-paid

This system is also packed with very basic post paid services to add value to this product.

Subscriber Self Care

It enables the subscriber to review and manage their own data and other related details by simply logging in by registering into the system.

Wifi Solution - Subscriber Self Care

Customer Management

Equipped with high end customer relationship management, this service enables the customers to lodge their complaints and generate various reports.

Customer Management

Partner Management

Leveraging this system, various partners can be created for specific hotspots. Multiple partners can be added under one partner. Various devices and be incorporated under one hotspot. It provides notification on device being down. It also shoots verifying code through SMS for authentication.

Partner Management

Business Intelligent

Business Intelligent

It generates reports and BI for peak and off peak hours, high traffic locations, quantum wise location, details of end-user device, revenue summary and usage reports and many more personalized reports.

Rapid Installation.

It can be easily installed and integrated with other devices and back-end data store for offering user-based service.


Wifi Retail

Wifi Retail :

This system/device can be installed and run in any retail operations to improve the convenience and interaction of their customers. .

Wifi Corporate :

In any corporate establishment, this device can be used for highly secure, scalable and transparent to be used by the internal employees anytime, thus enhancing the productivity, interaction and coordination..

Wifi Corporate

Wifi Offload

Wifi Offload :

It works as mobile data offload thus is most effective access method for mobile bandwidth. It can save cost and reduce churn – thus beneficial for mobile operators..

Wifi Solutions

This Wi-Fi Solution technology is robust AAA, Billing and CRM solution that can support more than 1000 TPS. It is cost-effective due to less hardware requirement for installation and customizable and ready to integrate with third party system. It is a great device for industries including Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Hospitals, Campus, Business Complex and also in Residents.

It not only keeps your customers happy due to its seamless connectivity but it also improves your customer acquisition. It is beneficial for each and every segment adding value to their services thus enabling them offer a technology rich service!