Telecom Solution

Telecom Solution

Being a technology enabler, we have come up with a unique telecom solution to address all your day-to-day telecom needs. Be it pre-paid solution, retail Wi-Fi solution, or voucher management, you can get the solution to all your needs under single roof through a user-friendly online portal having separate interfaces for types of users.

Subscriber Portal

Subscriber Portal

Fusion of performance, flexibility and stability, this fully customizable subscriber portal enables the subscribers to launch the cards quickly. Equipped with easy 3rd party integration, it is integrated with secure payment gateway.

Pre-Paid Solution.

Pre-Paid Solution

Leveraging this portal you can generate the package, PIN, Invoice reseller, print prepaid pins and distribute the PIN to resellers, which would be further sold to the customers by your resellers. All these activities would be organized online in a fraction of seconds.

Post-Paid Billing.

Flexible billing cycle is capable to generate on-demand billing i.e. monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly, including automatic credit adjustments to the subscriber account.

Post-Paid Billing

Voucher Management System.

Voucher Management System

Complete prepaid voucher lifecycle management that includes ordering, PIN generation, recharging, and deactivation. Easy to integrate with 3rd party system, faster service, lower cost, fully automated saving time and efforts, compare to manual distribution. Carriers can increase profitability by 40 to 80 percent in their customers. Benefits include - reduces risk, complexity and customer churn, reseller concept, great tracking and auditing system, voucher batch categorization, integration of payment gateway for online PIN buying, flexible voucher creation, multiple interfaces, fraud management.

Subscriber Management.

It's equipped with flexible subscriber management spanning from new registered to active, inactive, suspended and terminated subscribers.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Self Care.

Subscribers can choose the suitable plan through multilingual interface. Trouble ticket management module allows customers to get answers to their queries from customers care representative. Major functions include voucher purchase, lodge complaints, order new services, view usage details, and quick case creation.

Subscriber Self Care


The concise, extensive and flexible CRM produces the trend how subscribers' interacts with technology thus helps operator to customize their market strategies for better profitability.


BI Reports

BI Reports

Business Intelligence reports offer precise data in graphical patterns, which includes employee report, payment type data, usage data, plan-wise purchase, summary detail, daily-monthly report etc.

Reseller Management.

This system gives liberty to operators to customize their commission rate for promoting their product and have full control on their reseller network.

Reseller Management



It assembles CDRs and harmonizes it by discarding duplicate data and forwards to rating system for processing.

Rating and Charging.

Operators can define rating and charging policy based on time, load, and events for any service and product.

Rating and Charging

Trouble Ticket Management.

Trouble Ticket Management

It is auto escalated and be assigned to specific CSR. It resolves customer queries and common technical issues under three modules -: Case Reason, Case and Knowledge Base.

Inventory Management.

Inventory can be added, associated, disassociated or removed from the system as per the defined process cycle.

Inventory Management

Interconnect Billing

Associated partners' billing and revenue sharing between different operators are executed in interconnect billing.

AAA Server

AAA Server

RADIUS protocol offer flexible authentication, authorization and accounting solution for various networks. It can easily adopt and configure new interfaces.