Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise Resource Planning

This solution focuses on manufacturing process. H8 ERP gives Power to MSME business & offers robust solution having features of tier I & II at low cost. It focuses on the most important business processes using six sigma methodologies. The framework of this solution is Flexible to customize at any scale and integrate with any legacy system.

Sales Sales Order Booking:
  • Online order by partners/sales teams/mobile.
  • Direct Order Booking System
  • Advanced Sales Process for revenue growth
  • Forecasting Sales
Procurement Procurement Management:
  • Automated System for Procuring Material
  • Management of rejection and return of raw material
  • Analysis for Decision and Measurement
  • Quotation Analysis
Asset Inventory Management:
  • Easy tracking of inventory items of each category
  • View and Manage own and channel partner’s inventory at multiple locations
  • Alerts on stock at threshold level, min/max level, reordering level, etc.
BusinessPartners Partner Management:
  • Multilayered partner analysis
  • Channel Sales Management
  • Partner logins to view their status
  • Transporter and Vendor Management
Production Production Management:
  • Product Formulations
  • Production planning and scheduling based on Sales pipeline and stock thresholds.
  • Production data
  • Alerts based on threshold limits.
Laboratory Processing Management:
  • Manage numerous operations at granule level.
  • Keep Track of 100% material (Produce, Damage, Waste, in progress)
  • Sorting Raw Material based on qualities.
  • Mixing processes and work in progress inventories.
  • Complete tracking of inventory passing through various processes
Master Dispatch/Finished Goods:
  • Warehouse Management
  • Dispatch details and client-wise history
  • Distributor and C&F management.
administrator Human Resources:
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Blue Collar(labor) daily wages management.
Report BI Module and Dashboard:
  • Graphs
  • MIS reports
  • Extensive BI tool for data mining
  • Real time data update
  • Department based dashboards
  • Location and unit based Dashboards
Stock Other Modules/Features:
  • Laboratory Management
  • Complain Management
  • Asset Management
  • Forward Booking
  • Email Integration