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Customer Relationship Management

iCRM is a solution for Marketing, Sales & Support of any organization. It helps managing interaction with clients/prospective clients or maintaining co-ordination between back office, front desk & Field staff. iCRM uses technology to organize and automate business processes. The ultimate goal of implementing a CRM is to find new leads, convert prospects into clients and retain existing clients. iCRM helps grow your business as well as the productivity of your employees to attain maximum profitability.


Select Multiple Theme.

Here many beautiful themes built-in to spice up the appearance of your desktop. There are many categories of themes based on colors and fonts. Theme selection is provided on the login window.

H+ on Home Page left side middle of screen is constant announcement board. While user busy doing some operation in the application and any new action taken place which requires to bring to notice, system will notify immediately on H+ “with Green Mark of new action”.


Quick Create

Quick Create feature available for multiple most important actions and frequently use places. Work intelligently and makes CRM collaboration easy.

Business intelligence.

This would be one of the key features of CRM software. Reports would be based on data collected from different functionalities of the system. It could be as simple as, how many customers we have, how many sales made, how many new customers joined to sales forecasting and key metrics which would help in taking better decisions…

Sales Force Automation


Manage Customer Accounts:

User can manage different Categories of customers(According to response for the sale) Manage Customer sales order, Contact for further procedure, Expected amount to be paid by client.

Manage Leads:

Perform Automatic allocation of leads to sales person according to response of the client.

Track sales opportunities:

Perform filtration of the leads according to Percentage to win the deal.
Can manage leads according to client interest in Products.

Forecast sales:

Manage Generated Revenue according to sales person’s individual target. Manage target for future revenue generation for individual user. Calculate revenue Monthly-Yearly product wise

Follow up sales Activity

User can have Information about all important customer calls, store customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar, manage daily tasks, invite iCRM users, leads and contacts for public events.recurring events with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies. for a quick reference in future.


Through this functionality we can manage tasks which need to be done in coming future, Keep record of daily incoming and outgoing call list of users.

Keep reminders on particular date for their appointments, meetings, events and daily tasks.



Project is unique and innovative module in CRM. Project provides ability to more organize, house and share activities related to long term sale process. Project is Bird eye view of all the actions under one roof. This helps project owner to manage various tasks/users at various time and even track by cost and time.

Work Flow

Alert the intended audience in your organization when a big deal closes or is in near completion state
Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads to the sales persons in your sales organization.
Set up email notifications with predefined email templates so that upon triggering a workflow rule, predefined email notification will be sent to all the recipients.


Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notification section allows to configure customize announcement by any individual user or by Admin for any user. Setting up alerts on any action for any modules/features by multiple communication option with advance features are available.This is not available in Basic Edition.

Document Management

Document Management.

Document Management is virtual data (Store) room for store & track. Manage Files and Folders which are in Physical form or in softcopy. Module allows powerful search & graphical view of locations., The system will provide Default storage for each organization to store the data.

Customer Care

Customer care module helped transform the company’s post sales activities in a more effective and efficient way.

Customer Care
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